It’s an anywhere road for anybody anyhow.

My name is Mal. I am old enough to know better but an inability to learn from my mistakes has kept me youthful and poor.

One of Life’s contrarians I have found it more interesting and fulfilling to take the road less travelled. I have been privileged to share the journey with people I love and trust.

I have been a hippie, a Bokononist, a Groucho Marxist. As I get older the certainties of my youth have blurred. I’m more able to see that there a many sides to the same story. I have never been a nihilist. I have always known that there are good people in the world, always found that the tender mercies are enough to keep me getting up in the morning.

My hopes for this blog ? I find the search for meaning in our lives to be inevitable, arrogant and ultimately pointless. I just want to throw out  some stuff that I have learned, stuff that happened, stuff that was fun. If any connection is made with anybody anyhow then get in touch, say hello and I will wave back to you.


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