Back Together Again (CousteauX)

Currently on heavy rotation round our end, anyone who stumbles into Loosehandlebars HQ is made to listen, is a new video from 2 friends who have not created music together for some time. From their earlier records we knew that when the songs of Davey Ray Moor are matched with the vocals of Liam McKahey something very special occurs, So, before you read on, the new track from CousteauX is just a click away…do your ears a favour right.



It’s been 10 years since “Nova Scotia”,the 3rd & final LP from Cousteau. The band’s distinctive, often dark, torch songs had gained them an international reputation if not the wider audience they deserved. Cousteau were modern cabaret , sophisticated & sharp like Sinatra was, the resident band in that after-hours club of your dreams. I was biased, before Cousteau Liam & I had worked & played out together, sharing some of the best days & nights that it is possible to have. The fact that his strong, assured voice & presence made him an ideal frontman was a delightful bonus. On our one meeting Davey & I spoke of Burt Bacharach & Jimmy Webb, master tunesmiths who made listening not only easy but sublime. With Liam’s voice to write for Davey’s ambition was high & his aim was true. There were songs when the band hit the bullseye smack dab in the middle.


So now, 10 years on, we have an added Roman numeral & CousteauX. “The Innermost Light”, written by Davey with Carl Barat, formerly off of the Libertines, is from a new LP by the pair. It’s a long distance relationship, Davey is a university lecturer on the business of the music business in the UK while Liam lives in Canberra, Australia. His group, Liam McKahey & the Bodies, made a great LP, “Black Vinyl Heart” (try “Dirty Mind”), a potent mix of Blues, Country & Morricone-inspired mariachi.That voice had matured, with, if possible, a greater range & depth. Davey heard the record & knew he had songs that needed his old singer to do them justice. “The Innermost Light” is a very dramatic 4 minutes. Liam has been compared to Scott Walker & I’ve always heard the richness of Lou Rawls, no higher praise, in there. He really has a fine instrument & there are more of these songs around the World Wide Web.



You can find “Shelter” on the band’s website, & on their F-book page, where they also feature Liam’s artwork & point you to the places where you can buy both the new & the old stuff. The album should be available soon &, so far, there has just been the one gig at the Blue Note in Milan. I know plenty of folk who are so pleased to see these guys making music together again. It’s music made by & for grown ups & it deserves a wide audience which can bring them together for more gigs to showcase their talents. Man, I should have gone to Milan !



Whatever deal Liam made with whomever it was a 2 for 1 bargain. There’s not only the voice but an infuriating anti-ageing thing going on there. However he’s coming up to that landmark for all parents where he is no longer the coolest person in his own home. The wonderfully named Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers are 5 school friends from Canberra who include Liam’s daughter Scarlett on guitar. Inspired by the Indie rock of their big sisters’ (or their Mums’) record collections they have the same direct energetic approach as fellow Aussie Courtney Barnett & the 2 tracks on Soundcloud are a great pop noise. “Guessing Game”, whether by accident or design, has more than a touch of Siouxsie & the Banshees & there can never be too much of that around. These young women are 15 & 16 & have got it going on. Scarlett, Anna, Jaida, Neve & Pip, you rock ladies, let’s hear more of this good Powerpop.


Go Dancing Into The Fray (Liam McKahey and the Bodies)

Earlier this month, on April 10th, a crowd funding campaign was launched by our friends Liam McKahey & the Bodies. The band have recorded 10 new tracks & are hoping to attract the patronage of the world’s music lovers to get the album produced, overdubbed & mixed. They were initially hoping to raise A$7,000, that’s US$6600, €4750 & , in real money, £3900. The campaign met this target just like that. There are people all over the world who have a connection with Liam’s music &  are eager to hear some more but it was always plain that finishing this new record, “Black Vinyl Heart”  properly would need more than this initial contribution.

At the time of writing almost A$12,000 has been pledged. I know that the Bodies are excited & affected by such generous support. There is mastering, artwork, printing & pressing of CDs & vinyl, then distribution to be considered & paid for. Just another A$3,000 & this killer LP can be finished just right.The group are using Pozible, the Australian platform for creative projects. There are incentives to pledge from T-shirts to the whole Bodies crew coming round your house & giving your street something to remember. The world will be a better place when this album is released. All the details, a video & a musical taster, can be found at

 I have written about the band here & there. Say something twice, why say it again. So, loosehandlebars is pleased to hand over to our new international correspondent Gigi Mac from Maryland in the US of A. Gigi’s money is absolutely on McKahey’s Mob coming up with the goods. After some music, some very good music, she is going to tell us why.

  To say I have eclectic musical tastes would be an understatement.  Coming from a large musical family, with culturally & ethnically diverse members & friends, my philosophy ever since I was a kid has been:  if it sounds good, stick with it. Many years & countless genres later, I think around 2000 or so, I had the privilege of running into a little ditty by a band unknown to me at the time — Cousteau — called “Jump in the River”.  It was so lush, so arresting, so moody, I had to hear more, and figure out who was singing all this loveliness.  Granted, I’ve always adored gypsy rumba & flamenco music, so at the time of their discovery, I wasn’t into digging deeper for this stuff—maybe because I knew it would completely take over… I liked it where I kept it– it was like my little secret, my retreat.  If I felt particularly dark or destructive, I would fall into it — this voice, especially– and something about it would ‘fix’ me.

Fast forward to around 2011 or so. Cousteau having been broken up for a while, and I, during a particularly bored Google search, wonder what had happened to this band… I was content enough to have what I considered the most exquisite collection of songs I’d ever hear in my collection… that baritone, going as deep as it wants to, or up in an incredibly vulnerable falsetto, the thoughtful poetry set to poignant melodies…  Could there be more? Then I find Liam McKahey and the Bodies.  A new sound, new vibe, new brilliance—“beautiful songs of love, loss, opiates, trains and outlaws…”  Liam on his own on this ‘Lonely Road’.  This time he really gets to shine as a writer as well as a performer – bold step, but I got a feeling it was long overdue.
What perplexes the idealist in me most of the time is why more people aren’t stampeding over each other to hear him & his band!  I suppose in a world of quick money making hacks, capitalizing on posturing and being a brand, instead of actual music, to an equally vapid audience, talent– real talent, recognized by a smaller segment of individuals with extraordinary taste, will always thrive, if only humbly; one may not have 10 Bentleys in one’s garage, but maybe a well-maintained Triumph motorcycle will do nicely 😉
 So now we, the privileged few, have a chance to partake once again in a new effort by Liam McKahey & the Bodies — ‘Black Vinyl Heart’… I contend that they are still too far away from us up on the Northern Hemisphere, and I am daily very jealous of the Aussies, as I pretend to hunt for cheap Qantas flights… nevertheless, the band as it is has really had a chance to gel and achieve a nice cohesion. They’ve shared stages with others and are falling into place in the growing music scene in Canberra, which I understand was previously almost nonexistent.  Every time I hear a smidgen of what will be released I bristle with excitement! almost like sympathetic nervous butterflies lol I am particularly ready to go on this continuing musical journey with the ever clone-worthy Mr. McKahey!

Absolutely ! It’s my own fault. I asked Gigi for a contribution but did she have to be that good ? We hope that she will stick around & share her other passions with us but we are all going to have to raise our game. OK… Liam McKahey & the Bodies need assistance & just a little bit of your money. Later in the year, when you have their shiny new music in your life you will be able to say that you helped to make it so. One last time, to do the right thing go to...


Liam McKahey and the Bodies In Living Colour March 2014

It is nothing but good news that someone with a good heart & a steady hand has finally managed to point a couple of cameras at a stage filled with Liam McKahey & the Bodies. The shout is out to Jarbo Productions for doing the right thing & furnishing a quality record of a quality band.

Liam & I go way back when we were painting parts of a city magnolia. Click here for that story & some solid music from his band Cousteau. Many of us hold fond memories of that band but, y’know, Cousteau was then & this…you get me. 2014 has to be all about Liam McKahey & the Bodies.The band play plenty of gigs around Canberra & the Australian Capital Territory. I know…just how many of us are likely to be in the correct hemisphere never mind on the right continent. All we see are the tempting, self-designed posters for gigs we can’t get to.

PhotoBoy Oh Boy, Mr McK is right on form here at this month’s Canberra Enlighten Festival. Let’s start with the deep, rich rumble of his voice. It really is a special & impressive instrument that, I think, is still improving & maturing. “Dirty Mind”, his own song, is a fine showcase for both the vocal & the band. There’s an assurance, a velvety strength which commands attention with no need for in-your-face dramatics. I’m loving the subtle horn section fills, smoother than honk & squawk of the “soulful” option. I’m loving “Dirty Mind”, it shakes you to your boots…cracking.

Here, I guess, is a loosehandlebars exclusive. “Long Black Train”, from the same set, is still unlisted on the Y-tube & is not yet around on social media. Liam was kind enough to send me this great clip &…well…get me yeah ! “Long Black Train” is another atmospheric belter with good work by guitarist Jenny Spear. I can hear the influences because I know what they are… Johnny Cash, Lee Hazlewood. What I do like is that the song, like “Dirty Mind” avoids the obvious murder ballad/train song thud & blunder in favour of a more melodic approach. (I am going to whisper “Jimmy Webb” because that really would be blowing smoke up his butt).

Photo: West Bank festival photo by PlingNew music comes at us so randomly nowadays, from any decade & many styles. It’s tough for a new band to find an audience even when, as in Liam’s case, your former group had an international reputation. There will, hopefully, be a new collection of songs by Liam McKahey & the Bodies in 2014. Fans will do what they can to spread the word but, seriously, this stylish music deserves as wide a hearing as possible. If you are a grown -up who likes music for grown-ups made by …you get me, then this group’s work will sit nicely in your collection. These two tracks are a fine start, more later.

So Mr McKahey has an outstanding voice, writes great songs, leads a cool band, designs good posters & is not a bad guy (hey we all have our faults). What actually makes him a Renaissance Man is none of that stuff, it is that he was born in 1514, is 499 years old & only comes out at night. I’m giving away the secrets here…I’m off.

When My Friends Become Successful (Cousteau/Liam McKahey)

When you live in London you don’t always play out with the people you work with. You may get along just swimmingly while you have punched the clock but you could live 20 miles or more away from each other. Anyway you, & the one’s you would consider spending any out-of-work time with, have a life of their own. It was different on the building site. “Coming for a drink after work” may have sounded like a question but it was really an offer that needed a pretty good excuse if you were going to refuse. I was not unfamiliar with a post-shift beverage or few but now the dust of the day needed washing away & the company was nothing more than a blast. This mainly Irish crew were young men just left home & making their way in the big city with a few quid in their pockets. To call it the “craic” would be lazy. There was a joy of vivre, a tangle of language & laughter where you did not need a loud voice or sharp elbows to make yourself heard. If you were giving it out then you had better be able to take it but there was no malice in the humour, it was not at anyone’s expense. That was why I was in the pub with these guys, a beer in my hand & one waiting for me at the bar.

We were knocking the bejaysus out of  some funky old warehouses. After the sweat, the dust, the graft I would paint whatever was left, try to make it nice y’know. “Nice” was the best I could do, I was a painter not a fucking magician. I attempted this alchemy alongside a young dandy from Cork, a bequiffed rockabilly rebel without a clue who was ready for a bigger world than the one proffered by the South-West of Ireland (no Cork-sucker this guy). Liam & I shared an interest in at least knocking on the doors of perception which led to some late & extreme nights. We also agreed that, as we had been given a brain, it made sense to make use of it. I recognised in Liam a fellow moralist. Someone prepared to examine & challenge their own actions & motives before raging against the lame-brained, blockheaded solipsism of the world. We became very good friends for a good while before Life & London got in the way & we lost touch. This is how Liam McKahey looked…& sounded.

Now…”Later With Jools Holland” is a late Friday night TV music show. At the time our thing was to drink 2 or 3 over the 8 then home to watch the music & the roll ’em, smoke ’em, put another line out routine. Hey, it doesn’t make me a bad person ! So…on comes this group & here is this singer & Double Yew, Tee, Eff ! My first look at Cousteau confused me. I got the reference points, the smooth modern cabaret of Scott Walker sings Bacharach tousled with hints of the Bad Seeds & Tom Waits. It’s all good, “Last Good Day of the Year” is a stand-out song from the eponymous debut LP but what was wrong with this picture ? That young Sinatra on vocals was troubling me. He had appropriated, lock, stock & two smokin’ cheekbones, my friend Liam’s own very individual style. Now, if you are going to steal then steal from the best but mate, just what is your game ? Get your own ! I was confused but I said nothing. The Friday night heebie-jeebies & I were on better than nodding terms at the time.

The next day, in that brief window of weekend discernment, I checked for Cousteau. What do you know ? The singer of this fine new band was our very man, Liam McKahey. Well brilliant, knock me down with a rad roller ! I’ve got information man! New shit has come to light! It all made sense. When he was a decorator, doing no music, he still had a presence about him. If you had a band then he’s a guy you would want out front. Liam & I shared a love of music, he brought me the fine later work of Iggy Pop, the Cramps, while I introduced tunes from when it was too soon for him to know. “Last Good Day…” was a near-thing. The most popular breakfast DJ in the UK gave it more than a nudge which almost became a push. This debut TV performance is a little tentative but they had some good songs on their LP & Liam was a quick learner as an audience came around. Here’s that one fact everyone knows about Cousteau…they were Big In Italy.



I love this clip. Starting at 3.33 Cousteau playing “Talking To Myself” in a Roman amphitheatre in Sicily. A unique venue, a big audience, TV cameras winging about to capture the moment. Liam Maximus, a gladiator with a quiff & some decent threads, leads his men into the arena & nails it. His voice is rich & deep, the whole thing sweet & dandy. On the 2nd LP both writer/multi-instrumental Davy Ray Moor & the band hit their stride. The elegance & romanticism is more their own, less an homage to their influences.”Sirena” (2002) is an individual piece of work & I don’t play it as much as I should but I will.

So…let’s all meet up in the year 2000. I was in Birmingham & Cousteau were coming to town. I called by the club, Ronnie Scott’s, after work & did not have a long wait before a familiar scene transpired. I gave the guys some time to lighten the loaded van before going across to find my friend. Man. we were pleased to see each other but that was going to be a given. I arranged to see Liam later, he was working after all. It was a great night to catch up. He was fit (too fit) & well, the band were good company . It was so cool to see his committment to & relish in making  the music. The band’s performance, in an intimate club with an appreciative audience, was the very thing, sophisticated, considered tunes for grown ups.It was still an odd conjunction between the young construction worker becoming a cool modern cabaret crooner. I liked it, it made me smile & was a memorable night.

Cousteau did not train on. Davy left, Liam stepped up as a songwriter. Now the electronic wonders of the 21st century has made the world a smaller place. I am in the North of England Liam on the other side of the planet in Canberra, Australia but I get his stuff in my computer &, I assume, he gets mine…Cool. He is a family man, still sickeningly handsome & still making good music. Liam Mckahey & the Bodies released “Lonely Road” in 2011, “Lovers & Fools” is a cinematic stroll though some sad, bad things from the past that reminds us of Lee Hazlewood & of just how good a singer our boy is. I think that there is new music to come from the band, they are certainly still gigging in the Australian Capital Territory (Oh yes !). Any news about the band can be found on their F-book page, right here.

I have stories about this man & our adventures that would perhaps surprise you. “You gotta say yes to another excess” could have been a motto back then.  No-one was hurt, no harm was intended, we were younger & dumber. Those stories belong to & will stay in the past. Just a couple of things…after preparing an outstanding meal (though I say it myself) for Liam, Eddie & Dave, I was told that I must be middle class because working class people don’t cook that well ! Funny bugger ! On yet another hungover morning at work Liam announced that he was a  “Social Alcoholic”. “How so ?” inquired innocent me. “I can’t stand the idea of any of my friends getting drunk without me !”. One of the funniest, most insightful one-liners I have been lucky enough to hear & steal.

Seeing my friend do well with his music, use a talent which was evident but could have been neglected is a source of pride & admiration. More than that though is knowing that the the honesty & friendship that passed between us those years ago will sustain a friendship from a long, long way away. Cheers my brother.