New Music From Friends And Family (Skarlett Riot)

Ho…this is my little piece of the Internet so if I want to give a shout to my nephew’s band then there is no-one to stop me. This is the great new single by Skarlett Riot, “What We’ve Become”.

So my nephew Tom Mansfield, you remember him, that snotty, smelly, pain in the ass 6 year old. Well he is now not only a thoroughly good guy but is the handsome, strapping bass player of one of the most promising metal bands in the UK. Good work Tom ! Skarlett Riot are a proper band who have been together since school days. I think that singer/guitar Skarlett (Chloe), guitar Danny & Tom were in the same year at the same school while drummer Luke is Danny’s little brother. They started out playing in bars in which  they were too young to buy a drink, a liberal amount of Bon Jovi & Avril Lavigne covers to keep the punters sweet. I always advise any young band to take any gig that is offered. Every time you play you should learn something or make mistakes that you don’t want to make again. I do not want to blow smoke up the Riot’s rear end but this band certainly went to school.

Their hometown is hardly a hotbed of music & pretty soon they were too big for the small venues around here. They found gigs,  recorded some songs & every time I checked for them they were improving. The playing, the songs, the stagecraft is getting tighter & better. Skarlett brings it, she has to work hard to impress small crowds who don’t know your tunes & she does. So there is a first LP ,”Tear Me Down”, the singles have had attention from the radio & the band has a busy summer ahead with a support slot on a national tour. Like a 1,000 bands they just need a lucky break & they could really make a mark. Power Metal is not really my thing but this Skarlett Riot could just go international. Check out all the latest news & buy a T-shirt on their F-book page.

On the subject of brand new music the Four Asterisks have just the one track on Soundcloud &, to these old ears, “You Say” deserves a wider hearing

I have to declare that Roddy, the Asterisk’s drummer & electronics honcho,  is the son of my new(ish) & good F-book friend Danny McCahon. Danny is a man of impeccable taste save for a curious nostalgia about bands from the fag end of Glam Pop. Roddy, Scott & Andrew “Three guys, one basement, a hard drive full of songs” have made a pretty good noise here . The more I listen the better it gets. More of this please guys & good luck.