I Can’t Stand Up For Camden Town (The Everlasting Yeah)

After just a couple of gigs in the back rooms of pubs The Everlasting Yeah played their first proper London gig at the Roundhouse on Saturday night. The 4 members, Damian, Brendan, Ciaran & Raymond have been playing together for 20 years now. As 80% of That Petrol Emotion they had played some pretty big gigs. Their challenging, influential rock music gained critical praise & a discerning audience but greater commercial success came to contemporaries more interested in repeating the rock conventions than subverting them. So, these men know enough to know what’s what & what’s not. They would not be doing this if they did not believe that the noise they make together could stand a wider hearing. Here is the proof just how damn right they are about that .

Two guitars, a bass & drums…the foundations of our rock & roll. There’s a million bands using extra instrumentation & that’s OK but when  “it’s got a back beat you can’t lose it. Any old time you use it. It’s gotta be rock – roll music. If you wanna dance with me”. This is “Tell Me” by the Everlasting Yeah. It is solid, driving & dramatic. This is how our 4 instruments are used properly, you gotta use your head but you know that the heart is more important. I am reminded of the Flamin’ Groovies & that is never a bad thing. “Tell Me” can only be found on this Y-Tube clip so keep it where you can find it until the band get this tune recorded & you can own it for yourself.

“The Grind” was the final track of the set, almost 11 minutes long but doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself. I am reluctant to use the word “motorik” because I have already dropped the Groovies in here. To invoke the German greats would really be blowing smoke up their backsides but it is Can & Neu ! that I’m hearing in this rigorous, relentless, gorgeous rhythm. Reluctant too because there is no pseudery about this music. The best I can say is “Turn This Shit Up…LOUD !”. It’s a long tune, go do some stuff, let it cheer the whole house, the whole bloody street.

I was not at the Roundhouse on Saturday, Life & a lightness of wallet (£100 on the train !) got in the way. The rave reviews of those who were there, people who had made great efforts to attend, who had been waiting a long time to see these guys play together again, were on the F-book yesterday & I knew I had missed something. Today we have these great clips, there are others on the Y-Tube & you know what to do. Any band, new or experienced will worry about how new material will be received. I listen to a lot of music. There are fine young bands like the Joy Formidable,& Parquet Courts who aspire to sound as good as this, who can learn from The Everlasting Yeah that letting it flow is better than trying too hard. This is some of the best music of 2013, ain’t that the truth.

So now…just how does this music find a wider audience because people are gonna like this if they hear it. Y’know that’s for later. Let’s enjoy these brilliant new songs from an impressive new band doing that thing they do on a Saturday night.