Moving Towards The Pulsebeat (The Gatefolds)

There was an extra spark about the Gatefolds’ gig on Friday night. The band were playing at Sandinos in Derry to mark the launch of their 2 track CD released on the Nervous Pulse label that very day. There have been tracks available on the Interweb for some time but these new fandangled digital downloads are just not the same as a lovely polycarbonate plastic & aluminium disc with some original artwork in a nice case…no they are not. Just look how happy this fan (a Foldette ?) is to get her hands on the new actual thing by the Gatefolds. Her weekend just got better because, really, this music is bloody great.


Nervous Pulse has 3 releases now by Derry musicians.
The label’s by-line is “This Is Not Pop” but Sean Mason, the Berry Gordy Jr of the Pulse operation & I are going to have to differ here. “Overleaf” is, to borrow a phrase from a friend, Pop That Goes Crunch. The track has the hustle & drive of early REM & that’s good. Sean’s production is crisp, clean & loud, 3 more good things. Jason, Sean, Fergal & Joe have all put in a great shift to nail the 2 new songs. “Gloryhunter” is longer, there’s a hint of psych-drone in it’s more considered pacing. The sweet, loud (again), layered guitars just keep on coming. The connection between these 2 sides of the Gatefolds is that they sound like tunes to be played live by a band. An eye, an ear & a nod to the dynamics of a song’s performance can only help.

I’m sure that there are photos, even video clips of Friday’s gig but I really do want to get this posted for the weekend. GC Photographics of Derry took some great shots at a rehearsal, I hope they don’t mind me lifting this one. We have all helped to spread the word when a friend’s band is gigging or recording. I’ve been throwing these tracks around & the news has been nothing but good. It is my pleasure to be Johnny Appleseed for the Gatefolds because this music is the real deal. The tracks are around in both electronic & real form (I’m a luddite…what no wax cylinder ?) from the Nervous Pulse site where you can hear those other releases too.

The Gatefolds Know The Score.

There are brand new to the Y-tube clips of our favoured psyche-garage noisy boys from Derry, the Gatefolds. From a “Rock For Pride” gig  just 4 days since “Numb on a Sunday” is another of the original 4 tracks that you can negotiate a price for on their website, It’s great to see the boys standing upright without support for such a long time & producing a lovely bit of jangle-pop. There is a version of “Shot in The Dark” from this set which operates from a long run up & gives the song a kicking, in a good way. The sound is just a little off but maybe next time. Check out all 4 tracks of the Gatefolds’ first effort. I am reliably informed that the band will be recording new material next month &, of course, we will be pleased to tell you about it but this shit is too good to give away for free.

A tip of my chapeau to Jim Cunningham, the documentarist of the Derry music scene. Without his sterling efforts & his constant hanging around the city’s bars I would have to take bassist Joe Brown’s word for just how good the Gatefolds are. I’ve done that before & it has bitten me in the arse let me tell you. Jim, good work fella !

Speaking of Joe Brown, he & I were trading our favourites of 2013 so far recently. He is a busy, cosmopolitan man & was packing for a jaunt to Paris, the City of Lurve, at the time. he didn’t get much further than this cracker.

This is “Gargantuan” by Our Krypton Son the first single from the debut LP. O.K.S. is Derryman Chris McConaghy who has made the scene in the City of Culture (well for 2013) for some years & is obviously ready to get out & about. “Gargantuan” is aptly titled as there is a  lovely sense of the epic about the song. I hear songs as good as this by bands who are doing very well for themselves thank you. Our Krypton Son are on a small label & unlikely to get the exposure they deserve. Play the clip again & spread the word.

Usually when guitarist Fergal Corscadden posts music onto my F-book page my laptop trembles. Fergal favours 10 minute wall of sound jams by psyche-power trios. It’s music best appreciated by heavy ingestion of downers so the brain is disengaged & just your rib-cage vibrates. I imagine that Fergal sees my melodic pop selections or the swinging soul & spits at his computer screen. This weekend he showed a more sensitive side to his musical palette.

More music from 2013, Lars & the Hands of Light are a Danish band, “How Much We Feel” is from the LP “Baby We Could Die Tomorrow” & is a classic cut of dreamy pop. Lars Vognstrup was involved with Junior Senior back in the early years of this century. J/S were so devoted to the pop that they made me laugh & tap my feet at the same time…I liked this. “How Much We Feel” is more emotional, the vocal is by Lars’ sister Line. It reminds me of Nina Persson of the Cardigans & I like to think about her. The whole thing just glistens…damn!

OK, here’s a lovely photo of our heroes. I hope they all know that if they want to throw any tunes the way of loosehandlebars then they will be gratefully received.

There’s A Guest In My House (Papir)

loosehandlebars is pleased to welcome a friend into the fold & gives a warm hand to the entrance (oo-er !) of Fergal Corscadden, the guitarist off of the Gatefolds. Our management & shareholders would like to state that the views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author but will be passed off as their own the next time the conversation turns to Danish music. OK, after the jump the next voice you hear will be Fergal’s mellifluous Derry timbre.

Papir (Danish 3-piece psyche/space/avant-garde/whatever really – rock band) are all about nailing their sound into your head with guitar angels on a mission to steer you away from your worst fate ever (if you believe in that shit – I don’t) – on your day off – downtown, like (drug analogy 1) coming up on heavy Hallucinogens or (drug mention 1) other drugs [enter text here] – not too fast – but they do love to climb – and then, they mad-rush you (drug analogy 2) [obviously] until you reach a ‘high’ – and then the come down… –… a spectral guitar chamber packed with bass and drum harmonies that somehow slip you the on switch and you’re obliged to go into horizontal positioning with or without syncopated head nodding [well definitely the nodding in my case – and then you settle down] – an experience, to be fair, for me anyway in all great bands/acts is magically the guitar with drums and bass – individually, sonically, layering melody as well – and for Papir providing the 2nd and 3rd or is it 1st and 2nd lung to a perfectly formed being = a listening pleasure…but you gotta want to be there in the first place…live!

The Gatefolds are playing their 2nd gig on the 29th of March when they support the Bonnevilles at “The Long Good Friday” at Sandinos in Derry. Their Facebook page has the details as well as some fine musical selections. “In Review” is another track from the 4 track EP/LP “Hullabaloo” which you can download, share or just help to spread the word.

OK, I hope that Fergal will be returning to these parts because that Papir track is some good stuff. Here is a shorter live jam by the band so that we can see just how it is done.


Friday Night At Sandinos (The Gatefolds)

On Friday the 1st of March the Gatefolds played their first ever live gig at Sandino’s in Derry, Northern Ireland. As I have become more familiar with their music it has become more obvious that they are a class act. I listened to a fine hour of radio from Derry & “Out of Line” was a genuine stand-out, not just because I know some of the band. You can hear & buy the 4 tracks they have recorded by clicking here. From a lively night in Derry here is “Out of Line”.

From what I hear there are quite a few lively nights over there. It really is a blast to get news of a vibrant music scene where mutual support & encouragement seems to be part of the package as does a love of music. Fergal Corscadden of the Gatefolds has been sending me new tracks by psych bands I’ve never heard of. I will ask him to select 3 of the best & will put them together on to here because they are sounding pretty good to me. Meanwhile in Derry there is a 16 year old girl who is getting a lot of attention & deservedly so because she is frighteningly talented & very memorable. This is SOAK & “Sea Creatures”.

Of course I go back to the old days when the Undertones, That Petrol Emotion & Bam Bam & the Calling  carried the swing. The Everlasting Yeah are keeping the Petrol’s flame burning & I hope that the fine songs from their live shows are recorded in some form this year. It’s great that Joe Brown from Bam Bam is making new music too. Here from a simpler time when life revolved around Echo & the Bunnymen, Tom Verlaine & a lorry load of hair product is that fine band’s “Talking Aloud” from when they were on the telly.