Friday Night At Sandinos (The Gatefolds)

On Friday the 1st of March the Gatefolds played their first ever live gig at Sandino’s in Derry, Northern Ireland. As I have become more familiar with their music it has become more obvious that they are a class act. I listened to a fine hour of radio from Derry & “Out of Line” was a genuine stand-out, not just because I know some of the band. You can hear & buy the 4 tracks they have recorded by clicking here. From a lively night in Derry here is “Out of Line”.

From what I hear there are quite a few lively nights over there. It really is a blast to get news of a vibrant music scene where mutual support & encouragement seems to be part of the package as does a love of music. Fergal Corscadden of the Gatefolds has been sending me new tracks by psych bands I’ve never heard of. I will ask him to select 3 of the best & will put them together on to here because they are sounding pretty good to me. Meanwhile in Derry there is a 16 year old girl who is getting a lot of attention & deservedly so because she is frighteningly talented & very memorable. This is SOAK & “Sea Creatures”.

Of course I go back to the old days when the Undertones, That Petrol Emotion & Bam Bam & the Calling ¬†carried the swing. The Everlasting Yeah are keeping the Petrol’s flame burning & I hope that the fine songs from their live shows are recorded in some form this year. It’s great that Joe Brown from Bam Bam is making new music too. Here from a simpler time when life revolved around Echo & the Bunnymen, Tom Verlaine & a lorry load of hair product is that fine band’s “Talking Aloud” from when they were on the telly.

The Gatefolds Our Favourite New Band

OK, from the blog that usually brings you the old music because it’s better than the new music, here is a loosehandlebars exclusive. Joe Brown, the bass player from Bam Bam & the Calling & a sometime guest selector on this thing, has been making some new music. It gets no fresher than this, recorded this month & arriving on the Interweb on the early hours of this morning. Here are the Gatefolds.

The Gatefolds describe themselves as “psychedelic, garage punk, ass-kicking & grudge-holding”. A four piece from Derry, Northern Ireland, “Out of Line” sounds like Elliot Smith with a cool backing band & that’s a good thing. There are 4 tracks to download on their website, just think of what you would like to pay & they are yours to keep.

As soon as a drunken friend of the band points a shaky hand-held phone at them & posts it to Y-tube there will be more about the Gatefolds. You Go Joe !