Moving Towards The Pulsebeat (The Gatefolds)

There was an extra spark about the Gatefolds’ gig on Friday night. The band were playing at Sandinos in Derry to mark the launch of their 2 track CD released on the Nervous Pulse label that very day. There have been tracks available on the Interweb for some time but these new fandangled digital downloads are just not the same as a lovely polycarbonate plastic & aluminium disc with some original artwork in a nice case…no they are not. Just look how happy this fan (a Foldette ?) is to get her hands on the new actual thing by the Gatefolds. Her weekend just got better because, really, this music is bloody great.


Nervous Pulse has 3 releases now by Derry musicians.
The label’s by-line is “This Is Not Pop” but Sean Mason, the Berry Gordy Jr of the Pulse operation & I are going to have to differ here. “Overleaf” is, to borrow a phrase from a friend, Pop That Goes Crunch. The track has the hustle & drive of early REM & that’s good. Sean’s production is crisp, clean & loud, 3 more good things. Jason, Sean, Fergal & Joe have all put in a great shift to nail the 2 new songs. “Gloryhunter” is longer, there’s a hint of psych-drone in it’s more considered pacing. The sweet, loud (again), layered guitars just keep on coming. The connection between these 2 sides of the Gatefolds is that they sound like tunes to be played live by a band. An eye, an ear & a nod to the dynamics of a song’s performance can only help.

I’m sure that there are photos, even video clips of Friday’s gig but I really do want to get this posted for the weekend. GC Photographics of Derry took some great shots at a rehearsal, I hope they don’t mind me lifting this one. We have all helped to spread the word when a friend’s band is gigging or recording. I’ve been throwing these tracks around & the news has been nothing but good. It is my pleasure to be Johnny Appleseed for the Gatefolds because this music is the real deal. The tracks are around in both electronic & real form (I’m a luddite…what no wax cylinder ?) from the Nervous Pulse site¬†where you can hear those other releases too.