The Gatefolds Our Favourite New Band

OK, from the blog that usually brings you the old music because it’s better than the new music, here is a loosehandlebars exclusive. Joe Brown, the bass player from Bam Bam & the Calling & a sometime guest selector on this thing, has been making some new music. It gets no fresher than this, recorded this month & arriving on the Interweb on the early hours of this morning. Here are the Gatefolds.

The Gatefolds describe themselves as “psychedelic, garage punk, ass-kicking & grudge-holding”. A four piece from Derry, Northern Ireland, “Out of Line” sounds like Elliot Smith with a cool backing band & that’s a good thing. There are 4 tracks to download on their website, just think of what you would like to pay & they are yours to keep.

As soon as a drunken friend of the band points a shaky hand-held phone at them & posts it to Y-tube there will be more about the Gatefolds. You Go Joe !