Punk’s Not Dead (It Just Smells Funny)

Adrian Edmondson can make as many lame-ass tea-time TV programmes about nothing much at all (I don’t hang around long enough to ever find out if they are about anything) as he likes. His work as a Dangerous Brother, in “The Young Ones”,  “Bottom” & “The Comic Strip” gives him more than enough of a goodwill stash. Being married to Jennifer Saunders so that we don’t have to be…more brownie points there. So, wandering around talking to old people about cheese or whatever he does. We like the guy & we let him off. Ade doesn’t do the comedy any more. There are plenty of his generation who think that they still do…but don’t. Surely there is a great sit-com yet to come when he & Rik Mayall get properly old. So, for fun he has a band. The Bad Shepherds’ thing is to folk about with the Punk/New Wave Greatest Hits. Vyvyan, Ade’s character from the Young Ones. would probably not be amused by such liberties while we are diverted for about a song and a half. Last week I caught Ade on the radio talking about his great life to people who have nothing better to do than listen to the radio in the late afternoon. It was this evocative cover of The Members’ “Sound Of The Suburbs” that got played to promote an upcoming tour & very good it sounded too. It’s a grand song sympathetically treated. Mind, you know what comes after, a finger-in-the-ear for “London Calling”, a rum-ti-tum “Anarchy”. If Mumford & his awful mates even think about folking about with the punk classics they will get my bony elbow straight to their gap year…I promise. Great new to Y-tube stuff from my great old friends Bam Bam & The Calling during their whirlwind tour of Summer 2012. I love to post things by people I know on this thing & what else could I do when it is as good as this. “Ca Plane Pour Moi” was a 1978 hit for plastic punk Plastic Bertrand. Mr Bertrand was a Milli Vanilli deal. He stretched this 3 minutes of novelty nothingness into 4 LPs, on none of which he sang or played anything ! Punk or what ? It is though funny & fun like “Jilted John” & “2 Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps” were. Lighten up yeah, fun was good in 1978 & it’s still not so bad. The Bam Bam boys give the song precisely the respect it deserves, not a lot, & wring its bloody neck for a totally terrific closing to their set. Props to Paul PJ McCartney for making up the Belgian lyrics as he goes along, to John McCloskey for giving it some big-style guitar & to Joe Brown for the Ramones tribute intro & the same old Hank T-shirt. Oh, & to Tom Doherty for being a mean motor scooter & a bad go-getter.

Having become the self-appointed blogger of the Derry music scene I have a totally romantic view of it as one big creative love-in. One thing these bands do is to keep it nice on the social media. Having hung out with a lot of musicians I am pretty sure that that guitarist can’t stand that singer & that everyone hates that drummer but…not even an odd sock of dirty laundry is waved around. Bam Bam & the Calling are filmed here playing at Boylestock, an annual shindig held in what seems to be someone’s large garden. From the clips & pics I have seen it’s a band of brothers & sisters getting together for beer, barbecue, banter & the brilliant live music like the Bam Bam’s. Even the most cynical of visitors to these parts must agree that this is the best & most correct thinking around. Every town & city everywhere should be lucky enough to have folks around who want to have such a grand day out. One Love !