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A Good Night Out In Glasgow (The Everlasting Yeah Live)

Last Thursday the Everlasting Yeah were back on the road (well, the rails) making the 800 mile round trip from London to Glasgow to play their first gig as a band with an album, the magnetic “Anima Rising” to promote. Loosehandlebars has  friends in Scottish places, all of them at double rainbow excitement to be making the scene. We asked one of those good folk, Peter Lamont, a connoisseur of 1960s footballers & 1970s German rock bands, to tell us how it was….

The weekend came early and started with the old tale of four Derrymen walking into a Glasgow bar , only this time the tale has a new spin . We gathered at our subterranean venue, the lower floor of the Stereo cafe bar in Glasgow on Thursday 27th November,  witness how the Everlasting Yeah’s dazzling album, “Anima Rising” would translate live , like there could have been any doubts.


Image result for the everlasting yeahIt’s probably impossible at this early stage not to mention the band’s earlier incarnation That Petrol Emotion, a band peerless in their day who left behind a body of work too monumental to be discounted , culminating in a live document , “Final Flame” which stands comparison with any guitar-oriented live album . The flame was not so final however and has flared again not from ashes but still-glowing embers. The Everlasting Yeah’s four members comprise 80% of TPE’S former line up but this is a new band. New rules , new songs. No heritage act this.


Image result for the everlasting yeah anima risingFrom the moment Ciaran McLaughlin’s drums shuffle in with Brendan Kelly’s picked bass notes of the set-opening (Whatever Happened to the) Hoodlum Angels , you’re bouncing on your heels . It’s not possible to stand still to funk this masterful. The lead vocal is sung at an upper register but Raymond Gorman delivers with ease .Sound man Dino Galasso’s good work is appreciable from the outset and throughout. What becomes apparent is how much of the album went down in the studio under live conditions. Onstage the band reproduce this but imbued with a life no studio can give – that said , “Anima Rising” on a decent system cranked to a good level gives the impression of the band in the room with you .

The Everlasting Yeah pitch their first Glasgow show perfectly , this is, to all intents, an album launch and “Anima Rising”, a record with no fat on it , not a wasted minute , is wonderfully showcased here . We cannot help but think of the comments by a jaded Time Out (how appropriate) hack . Basing his spiteful and ill-conceived observation (anonymously) on one or two sound bytes from the mobile handsets of those desperate to take a little of a great band home , he spoke of “middle aged men pursuing their Clash fantasies”, or some such. This is so spectacularly wide of the mark as to be perfectly ridiculous, demonstrating the truth of the old axiom that a very little knowledge is a dangerous thing .

Back at the gig , “ A Little bit of Uh-Huh…” is affecting , effective and infectious with its Stonesy/Ronson riffage and four part vocal harmonies – no one misses , missus . The band dance around . This is a joyful thing to watch, their enjoyment in what they do is palpable. The record is the sound of a band confident of what they’ve got and having a blast getting it on tape .

“New Beat on Shakin’ Street “ with its titular nod to the MC5 , gets the same treatment and has a nice restrained swagger before the pace is upped even further with the driving (pun intended) “ Taking That Damn Again “ . Live, we don’t get the great sax of the record but the pulsating delivery of the rhythm section and terrific vocal harmonies force you to submit – let’s not forget the chiming , chopping guitars – this is just thrilling .

It almost comes as relief when the band ease into the ravishingly pretty “Everything’s Beautiful”. The lyric is sincere, the melody enchanting and the live delivery immaculate. “All Around the World” is perhaps Damian O’Neill’s showcase with his Johnny Thunders inflections and (dare we say , out-blurring Graham Coxon?)

Best to last? Yes, very possibly with album and set closer, “The Grind” . The habit of the three/four minute song rarely broken by the band of old, is rested here with this twelve minute-plus wig-out .

The song has, in the words of Holger Czukay and the late,great Miki Karoli , “ a Can attitude .” It has the insanely exciting pace of say, “Father Cannot Yell” by that band . As with so many tracks built on the kosmische tradition (refuse to say “krautrock”), this is economical , takes nothing from Anglo-American rock and is rhythm driven . Again Brendan and even more so Ciaran are high in the mix. The term applied to this ferocious, metronomic beat , “motorik” is vastly overused so perhaps Iggy’s description from his discussing Neu! /Klaus Dinger better applies when he spoke of a “pastoral psychedelicism”. In any case, the recorded track stuns and the live rendition is mesmeric.

Two unrecorded songs wind up our evening, “Say Nothing”(?) and “Hurricane Nation” , these augur well for a second Yeah release in the year ahead and we like as not will have to wait for that to hear anything as potent as the classic “Anima Rising” .

To summate, The Everlasting Yeah were devastating in Glasgow, each man and the sum of the parts.

Do they wanna be famous? Do they wanna be heard and loved by everyone ? They should be.

A great night then. The show was filmed by Maggie Davis & we have lifted these clips, the best yet of the band, from the Y-tube where you can find the rest of the performance. “Anima Rising” will, hopefully, be getting a wider distribution soon. Hit The Everlasting Yeah’s F-book page for news on how to get the record & for news of further gigs. Thanks to Peter for a great job & welcome to the blog mate. I know you have plenty to say about plenty so why not say it here.

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