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I Pledge Allegiance To The Everlasting Yeah

The wait for The Everlasting Yeah to unveil “Anima Rising” has only seemed to be a long one because we knew this thing was going to be good  The band, 4 former members of That Petrol Emotion, have, rightfully, been taking all the time they need in the studio to get their new songs sounding exactly how they want them to sound. It has been 21 years since TPE released the last of their dynamic, often ground-breaking music. There is, of course, a legacy to uphold but this is no rewind revival, no nostalgic ramble. “Anima Rising” is how guitar music should sound in 2014. Here’s the Soundcloud Sampler of 4 tracks to whet your appetite.


Joe Brown, bass player off of the Gatefolds, friend of this blog, pulled some strings, twisted an arm & called in some favours from the Derry old boy network to get the drop on  the rest of us. On a recent trip to that Babylon he got his pre-release listen to the debut album by The Everlasting Yeah. His reaction, & I quote, was…”Its been twenty something years since the guys have released any material and I can only say this incredible record has made the wait worthwhile. I wasn’t surprised, it was always going to be something special but I was completely blown away by its sheer class…Sonically amazing with the power of the fantastic guitar sounds and pulsating rhythm…it really does deliver a knockout punch, so why not do the thing and give the band a really are in for a treat”. Joe Brown is a man to be trusted, he would not lie to you.

So…the pledge…The band, Raymond, Ciaran, Damien & Brendan, want to ensure that the release of “Anima Rising” in download, CD & vinyl format is to the highest quality. They are asking for the kindness of strangers, the strangeness of kind people, to pre-order this music so that everything can be just so. However you listen to music nowadays this rocking good way of playing it will improve your collection. It will shake you, wake you in the morning. On a commuter journey you will be cruising while the rest are snoozing. A run in the park is all gain, less pain. Heck, even doing the washing up will be more fun. Head over to The Everlasting Yeah’s Pledge page, check out these good people & help yourself to some essential modern music. There are plenty of special offers. If you promise enough they may even come around to your house. If you don’t then they may come around…you get me !

The band played in London last Friday (review coming up next) & a big shout to Kate Greaves for her kind permission to use her dynamic photographs of this gig in this post. There will, hopefully, be more shows around the time of the release of “Anima Rising”. Right, some more music…this fantastic rehearsal tape is just the job. “Hurricane Nation” is a tune that did not make the cut on to the LP. Not because of any lack of quality but because these guys know that when a job is worth doing then you do that job right…maybe next time. Once again, just click here, do the right thing, get yourself some of 2014’s best music then…Pass It On !




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