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There’s A Guest In My House (Papir)

loosehandlebars is pleased to welcome a friend into the fold & gives a warm hand to the entrance (oo-er !) of Fergal Corscadden, the guitarist off of the Gatefolds. Our management & shareholders would like to state that the views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author but will be passed off as their own the next time the conversation turns to Danish music. OK, after the jump the next voice you hear will be Fergal’s mellifluous Derry timbre.

Papir (Danish 3-piece psyche/space/avant-garde/whatever really – rock band) are all about nailing their sound into your head with guitar angels on a mission to steer you away from your worst fate ever (if you believe in that shit – I don’t) – on your day off – downtown, like (drug analogy 1) coming up on heavy Hallucinogens or (drug mention 1) other drugs [enter text here] – not too fast – but they do love to climb – and then, they mad-rush you (drug analogy 2) [obviously] until you reach a ‘high’ – and then the come down… –… a spectral guitar chamber packed with bass and drum harmonies that somehow slip you the on switch and you’re obliged to go into horizontal positioning with or without syncopated head nodding [well definitely the nodding in my case – and then you settle down] – an experience, to be fair, for me anyway in all great bands/acts is magically the guitar with drums and bass – individually, sonically, layering melody as well – and for Papir providing the 2nd and 3rd or is it 1st and 2nd lung to a perfectly formed being = a listening pleasure…but you gotta want to be there in the first place…live!

The Gatefolds are playing their 2nd gig on the 29th of March when they support the Bonnevilles at “The Long Good Friday” at Sandinos in Derry. Their Facebook page has the details as well as some fine musical selections. “In Review” is another track from the 4 track EP/LP “Hullabaloo” which you can download, share or just help to spread the word.

OK, I hope that Fergal will be returning to these parts because that Papir track is some good stuff. Here is a shorter live jam by the band so that we can see just how it is done.


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