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Courtesy Of The BMX Bandits

Alex Chilton sings Carly Simon ! I know, I trawl the Y-tube so you don’t have to. The BMX Bandits & Teenage Fanclub both got to know & play with their powerpop idol in the 1990s. Alex asked Duglas T Stewart, the head Bandit, if he knew the song & promised to send him it on tape. Back home Alex could not find the record so got a couple of friends round and recorded his own version. So here it is.

Duglas T spent 3 years producing a tribute LP “Caroline Now. The Songs of Brian Wilson & the Beach Boys”. This is one of my favourite songs of the band (tho’ there is a long list). It is written by Dennis Wilson & first appeared on the “Holland” LP before Dennis recorded a solo version which was released on the whistles & bells, expanded edition of the extraordinary “Pacific Ocean Blue”. It is sung by Norman Blake off of the Teenage Fannies &, of course, the love & respect for the music shines brightly.

Blimey, I need to hear a bit more of that record. There’s a Kim Fowley track & one by the David Ritchie Coalition who, I think, is my new F-book friend…who knew ! (I have found this track, “Good Timin'” & it’s a belter). OK as 3 is the magic number I need another clip & as I have been looting the BMX Bandit’s stash for my own ends I must include one of the bands more recent appearances. This is “Disco Girl”.  I could add the obligatory should have beens and the injustice of overlooked talent but I only want to say that I enjoy the BMX Bandits, their music makes me feel good.

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