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Jimi Hendrix (27/11/1942)

Today, 27th of November, Jimi Hendrix would have been 70 years old. In 1966 four of us played table tennis on one evening a week. My friend & myself were ready to leave the house when the Jimi Hendrix Experience came on to UK TV for the first time. We were unable to leave until it was over and we got some grief for being late. We did not mind because what we had heard and seen had changed our world for the better.

For all the “wild man” histrionics, the guitar-biting, the setting fire to stuff, Jimi had a wonderful musicality. His gift for self-expression through his instrument was greater than the virtuosity and distortion. Those guitar heroes who followed did not always possess the same gift. Those who came close were still in his wake, working from the prospectus Jimi had created.


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