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Working real hard trying to get my hands clean

Most of my good friends were busy on the front line of the Punk Wars in 1978. A losing battle maybe but it left a distrust of  any aspiring Rock Gods. There is not a lot of love for Bruce Springsteen round my yard. The mainstream success and ubiquity of “Born In The USA” did not help. The synthesized arrangements, the massive marketing campaign, the wrong-headed adoption of Springsteen’s music as an affirmation of American values. I was a big fan but it seemed more than a “hate it when your friends are successful” deal when Bruce became “The Boss”. In his defence all I could say was there was a time…man, there was a time.

As the 70s became the 80s I made some tough decisions about my life that, for quite some times, seemed to be wrong decisions. Getting through the day without the safety net I had taken for granted could be hard. On arriving home from work the first thing I did was put on “Darkness On The Edge Of Town”. The confirmation of life as a struggle to be confronted, to “let the broken hearts stand that’s the price you got to pay” was exactly the reinforcement I needed at the time.

Here is Bruce and the magnificent E Street Band with a supreme version of one of the songs from “Darkness”. The whole band is committed to finding the strength in the song but Danny Federici, in particular, shows how a Hammond B3 organ fits into a rock and roll band. Ah…I was gonna leave it at that but here’s another from the album. Remember…”it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive”.

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Experience has taught me wisdom, thank god I've got some life left I'm getting out of serfdom, my soul has stand the test. I need nothing to be a man because I was born a man and i deserve the right to live like any other man.

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