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Oh man I need TV when I got T Rex

It’s late & we are enjoying a trawl through the work of Ian Hunter the “Artful Dodger” of British rock. This is the title track of his LP released this month. I’ve just checked & Mr Hunter is 73 years old. This sounds like Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros made a pop record and is not being played every hour by our radio stations. It should be.

Hunter’s finest hour. David Bowie rescued Mott the Hoople from endless touring & no record sales by giving the band his song “All The Young Dudes”. Ian took his chance & made some fine 45s with Mott. When both of their bands broke up Hunter & Mick Ronson hooked up to tour and to record this funny, chunky slab of rock.

One of my best friends was Birmingham’s best (only) Mick Ronson look-a-like. He went to see Hunter- Ronson in the city & was chased by a bunch of teenage girl Bowie fans. They were a little pissed when they caught him & found it was just some guy with a haircut !

Finally, a brand new to Y-tube clip of the big hit. A great version live in Cleveland 1979 with both the lads on form. It’s the reason we are still up at 2 in the morning digging up some of that 70s British rock which still sounds so fresh…On to the Faces next !

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