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Terry Who ? Terry Reid That’s Who.

What is this clip ? Wonderful music, from a ramshackle stage, drifting over the most beautiful festival site in the world. The singer chugs the rhythm of the song. The guitarist (David Lindley, one of the master players) plugs in his lead and strokes his lap guitar. The drummer (Alan White of the Plastic Ono Band) takes one last hit of a joint, passes it on & joins the song. At the same time Lee Miles, the bass player (a long time cohort of Reid) hits exactly the same spot as the drummer & away they go. Terry is no blues shouter. He rides the groove & raises the emotional pitch along with the music. His hat is ridiculous and great. He should sue Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes for stealing his style & his music but there would be little point, Robinson is a pale imitation.

This is the first “proper” Glastonbury Festival. The film is a fine memoir of the time. That year I went to a festival & saw the Byrds, James Taylor, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Sandy Denny & Dion all in one day. Plenty of bang for your buck in those days. I did not get to Glastonbury until 10 years after this. I returned throughout the 80s & had 6 (or 7, I’m a little vague) of the best 2,000 weekends of my life there. It really is a magical place where magical things happen. I will, one day, try to produce a coherent account of my Glastonbury days (daze ?) but getting things into any kind of order seems to be against the spirit of the thing really.

My small circle of friends throw music at the Internet like we were getting it for free or something ! We hear it, someone might like it, put it out there. This song is posted regularly as a yardstick of just how good music can be. Listen to this and think on. Do you want to settle for less than this ? Lee Miles is still with Terry(in another fine hat) & they push each other to be as good as they can be. They are , as I believe the expression is, “cooking”. Again it’s all about the groove, there is not really a structure, it just rolls along beautifully. Reid’s voice is the lead instrument on this song. You can’t hear the lyrics ? You have turned into your dad.

Absolute self indulgence here. A 12 minute version of the title track of his 1976 LP “Seed of Memory” recorded this year in London, 40 years after the other clips. Terry is looking well, Hey none of us are as pretty as we were ! His voice, always his instrument is, in good nick too. His rhythm guitar style is linked to his vocal. There are better players but his guitar is the foundation upon which the song is built. It may be nostalgia. I prefer to think of it as music for grown ups made by grown ups. In my world this would be the music we regard as cabaret, not some Elton John, Celine Dion tranquilized platitudinous bullshit.

I don’t mind that Terry Reid never received the recognition he deserved. His music has always been around me. There have been years pass when I have not listened then reminded myself just how good those LPs of the early 70s were. Seriously, I don’t care if you dismiss this as not for you. Just give those clips another view because this is music to raise your spirit and to feed your heart.

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