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You may ask yourself, how did I get here ?

A tentative toe into the waters of the 21st century has brought me to here. If anything is going to happen here, I hope I can reflect a life being interested in life and people and put it down in an interesting and entertaining way. There is gonna be music, movies, books, sport. all that stuff. There will be friends, family, people I like and those I don’t. Right now I hope it will be about positivity. The darker stuff can wait.The only thing to stop it being random is that it is all processed through my eyes and thoughts. I hope they are up to the job

Before I start anything I would like to thank and dedicate this blog to some good friends. To the boys of Bam Bam and the Calling, Paul PJ McCartney and Joe Brown for showing that time is no obstacle to true friendship. Raymond Gorman, for doing the same , for giving encouragement and a much needed kick up the arse. Then to Alcina Officinalis, a Bavarian earthquake who’s aftershock woke me from my narcolepsy. Here I am thinking about the future. This is all her doing and I thank her

I would also say that I own no copyright to any of the material used in these posts. I regard the creators of the original works with both love and respect. I seek to make no personal gain from its use.

About loosehandlebars

Experience has taught me wisdom, thank god I've got some life left I'm getting out of serfdom, my soul has stand the test. I need nothing to be a man because I was born a man and i deserve the right to live like any other man.

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